WTB: Instrument Cluster Bezel, Power Logger, LS1 MAF, Scanmaster G, and more!


TRs on the Brain
May 25, 2001
Hey all, figured I would see if anyone has the following parts they are looking to sell. Thank you in advance all!

Instrument Cluster Bezel (Looking for mint or very close and ideally with cutouts for Rear Defog and the Right Mirror.)
Power Logger
ECU (Modified for Power Logger or Stock)
Scanmaster-G (Silver Face / Silver Bezel)
3.5" LS1 MAF
3.5" MAF Pipe

Appreciate anyone who can help out, feel free to PM me. I'll ask for pics and such due to the proliferation of scammers. Thanks!
Reach out to Mike (m223roller) here on the board for the bezel. I would venture to guess he has one. His parts are all really nice, too.

I have a modded ECM. $175 plus shipping. No CalPak chip, but if you are running one of Eric's Turbo Tweak chips, it isn't needed. BTW, $175 is a steal!
4” maf pipe with new k&n powdered black


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