Edelbrock Performer-Link timing set: Any good???

J Banning

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Any good? I'm ordering a bunch of other stuff from Summit Racing and it would be convenient if I could pick this up too.

See it here:

Edelbrock Performer-Link timing set

1977-88 (V6) 183, 196, 231, 231 Turbo, 252 all with integral distributor drive

This timing chain and gear set is for use with performance or stock cams. It has a solid bushing chain for a true bearing surface that rolls with the sprockets, virtually eliminating chain stretch. The crank gears are machined from SAE-1144 stressproof steel. This has three keyway setting points to ensure accurate timing selection for early or late model vehicles.

Sounds like a decent set. I'm getting ready to swap mine and was looking at this setup. we'll see what the "been there done that" guys/gals have to say.

Haven't heard from you in a while. How did the motor look on tear-down? Was the chain decent? You going back with TTY's or ARP's? It has been a while but did that motor have a double-row chain? What you doing to it now? TTYL
This and the other thread I just posted are for another motor I'm working on for a friend.

I already have my motor back together with stock head gaskets and ARP bolts (hex head). Motor looked good. Cam went in and checked out fine. I'm planing on having it all together and running this weekend. I still have the Powerstroke IC to install, but don't think that'll be too hard as I've located someone with a plasma cutter!!

Before I took the motor out oil pressure was fine. Hot at idle was right around 20psi. It should be running this weekend. As far as the bottom end goes, I didn't touch it. I just took the motor out to do the heads and cam swap.

:cool: :cool: Funny thing is that motor was looser than the one I have been running in my car and I only get 15 PSI hot at idle:confused: I just sold my motor BTW. Starting on a new one this week!
Any news on this?

Anyone running this Edelbrock chain or have any feedback?

I'm considering this as a replacement for the stock style nylon chain.

Other options to consider?

I'm running an Edelbrock true link timing chain on my buick. It has approx 38000 on it and every thing seem to be working just fine.