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May 25, 2001
In case you haven't heard FAST has a neat little deal called eDIST that allows you to run the Coil Near Plug set up found on LS1 cars on other applications.
The one little gotcha in interfacing it is that to be sure you have a full time EST signal. On GM ecms they may not be a full time EST signal from the ECM. ie on the GNs it looks like there is a 250 rpm min threshold for the timing calculation.

I just got mine running on my GN yesterday, so testing for the moment is scetchy. But, there does seem to be a noticable change in the way the car runs.

If one ign coil is good, 3 must be better, and 6 is just enough <g>

More notes as thing progress
Originally posted by John Wilde
Tell us more please!

The more I drive it the more I like it. I try to be conservative, and not a raving loonie about something new. But this does really work. I run 50W oil, and only get to drive it every week or two in the cold weather. It starts but never without cranking for a while, with the eDIST all it takes is a cam synch and it's ready to fire.

Defiantly like a couple degrees less timiing.

I just can't see the *trick* to why it works for well. At this poing it really seems that the coil's temperature is the key. Bu firing the coils so rarely they have lots of time to cool of. The wire being cooler has less resistance, so they charge that much faster and better. The system is so much more expensive then any past ignigion system GM has used there just has to be something **There**.

The igintion module (speaking of the LS1 smart coils) is on eacn coil, and they are oout in the air stream wo they are running coller then the oem old stuff.

It might be just a accumulation of slight advantages that makes this so good.