Elec FP gauge and more


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May 7, 2002
Prices are shipped. I take paypal via PM.

Autometer phantom elec fuel pressure 0-100 gauge/kit complete w/ sender, Metco rail adapter, harness, controller box and 2 1/16 gauge - $150

Analog Autometer oil pressure gauge w/ tube and adapter - $25

LS7 MAF sensor - $27

TT 5.7 chip for 80# injectors and 100 octane pump gas 23/21 timing for 10 sec car $55

36 inch caspers air temp sensor extension cable $17

ARP main studs for billet main caps, I got them new in 2002 - $27

2 coil packs with 2 modules assembled. One has a black module and one has a silver module. One came off my GN and the other has a relatively new BWD module with an older coil pack I've had for years which I just ran on my car deep 10's. $150 and you get both, I guarantee the silver one works, the other I haven't run since I had my GN (2012). $150

Stock reman ECM from advance auto - I ran it fine, it does have the cal pack chip for our Turbo Regal (rare), no main chip. $80

Stock ECM - fried when got wet dosn't work, no chips, its an original 87 ecm in a reman box (I modded mine for powerlogger so swapped them out) - $15.

2 stock gray plastic turbo to wastegate "Y" connectors - $15 each.

3 inch high flow cat converter, used for emissions in TX and CO that's it, I doubt it had 100 miles on it in 18 years. 4 bolt holes like stock flange has so you can have 3 inch downpipe and a cat. $100

2 IAC sensors used - $10 each
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