Electric R/C car guys.....


Lone Wolf
I will soon have an 18,000 square foot arena (no poles) to cruise around in. For now it is all smooth concrete but eventually 10,000 feet will be rubber covered (mats) and 8,000 feet painted.

I have an R/C Truck (Emaxx) but want a low-profile car too. Maybe a Viper or Vette or something not too ricey.

Anyone have an electric (indoors) car like this that they recommend? I don't want to spend toooooo much money on it, probably 250-300 max.
My son is into this. He has an RC car/Truck for indoors & outdoors & nitro & awd & RWD & electric. He sells & buys them faster than anyone I know.

His closet looks like a garage filled with cars & trucks. He has kept TOWER HOBBIES in buisness.

I take him to the local indoor/outdoor track. I notice a lot of adults are into the smaller scale cars that run on rugs at the indoor track. They FLY too.
I don't know how they can steer them so good.

You might want to find a place like this in your area too hang out and ask questions.

try this http://p205.ezboard.com/bmichiganrc94134
its been years sicne i've been into that stuff but I always remember the HPI rs4, sr4, something like that. they were always some awesome cars and if i lived somewhere with any mount of pavement i would have got one.
Depends on what you want to do. If you wanna do road courses, go to ebay and look for a good team losi xxxs. they have a new car out, the JRXS. It has really driven the costs of the old model down. I got mine for $25o, i think, and i keep up with most of the jrxs' at the track. Its 4wd, and really quick. If you're more into nacar-style cars, and simplicity, an associated RC10-L3 or L4 is the ticket. either is a 2wd direct drive flat(pan car) which is easy to work on, and lightweight. You can get a lot of different style bodies for either chassis, i have a 69' camaro ss body on my xxxs right now, pretty sweet. if you have any more questions, just ask. i've been in rc for about 15 years now, so i guess i think i know it all ;)

Edit: I like the offroad nitro stuff... easy enough to setup for indoor if you choose. I dont have a fav as I have only had ONE (tmaxx)
Off road nitro is a heck of a lot of fun, my son has a t-maxx also. There's nothing quite like the sound of that .15 engine shifting gears of the 2 speed tranny. Not the best smell indoors though, especially if in a small place.
I've had an emaxx, xxxs, rs4, L3 and L4 among many others, used to be into it hardcore. Pan cars are the fastest on carpet hands down. If you get an L3 they are relatively tough to break also.