Another light blue T for sale..damn fine car...


IMAG0067.jpg I have done very little to enhance the car. It was in great shape as it stood when I bought it from Joe a few years ago. I had it shipped from Kansas to Virginia and it now rests in NJ with me on the Central Shore area. I put dual pypes exhaust on it, an ISAC alky/boost controller, custom blue T mats, and a new a/c system. It needs a bumper filler (stupid Jersey gas pumpers), a/c recharge (it's a newer system but needs looking into), has a slight oil leak from the attachment for the oil cooler (it's minor and my garage is too tight to fix it. Just needs tightening and teflon tape). Runs great and I only put 4k miles on it. I am also including brand new (as in never driven on this earth) firestone drag radials on spare 8.5" rear wheels. Here is the post below from when I bought it (I modified a few items as appropriate). I am asking $17,250.00 and can't go too much lower. Don't really need to sell it but could use the money on some home improvements.

have a VERY VERY nice/clean 84,xxx mile survivor 1987 Buick Turbo-T for sale. I own a small performance shop in Paola, Kansas that specializes in turbo Buicks and have done a lot of very tasteful mods to this sleeper car. I wanted to stick with a stock look but focusing on a driveable high 10 second car which I accomplished with ease. The car is a rare light blue with dark blue interior (1 of ~200 made in 1987) color combo hardtop with p/w, p/l, tilt, cruise, rear defog, posi, concert sound II radio, remote mirror adjustment, power trunk release, aluminum bumper supports and brake drums. The body is rust free and almost lazer straight with incredible OE paint that really shines and looks great! It has the rare black out trim with chrome accents. There is no fading, tears or holes in any of the interior parts and the body is damage free. You really need to see this car to appreciate it. It can be driven anywhere and handles like a charm. All of the parts listed below are new or have been purchsed recently. Title is clear and car is ready to go.


Numbers matching motor
Reed 208-208 cam and matching lifters
HD rockers with billet girdles
Chrome molly HD push rods
ARP head and main studs
ARP wave lock rod bolts
New bearings throughout
Standard/Standard OE turbo crank
OE turbo pistons (standard bore)
Great compression on all cylinders
Fully ported and polished Champion heads
Champion ported and polished intake (EGR delete)
Precision 70mm upper plenum
RJC power plate for the above plenum
65mm throttle body
MSD 50pph injectors (flow matched)
Precision Turbo 61-52 turbo with .85 a/r exhaust housing
Precision Turbo remote oil filtration
GM Mini starter
200 amp police LT1 alternator
Ground relocation kit
Braided stainless steel turbo oil drain hose
OE wheels with an extra set of 8.5" rear wheels with MT drag radials (275-60)
4 new Firestone Indy 500 street tires (255-60-15 rears and 235-60-15 fronts)
Terry Houston stainless 3" downpipe with pypes dual exhaust
Alky Control progressive methanol injection system (runs 10's on pump gas!) (now has ISAC controller)
Supra 315 lph fuel pump
Recently fully built 200-4R tranny w/ T-Brake and all the good parts
Art Carr 9" non-lock converter (2800 rpm "P" stall)
Hurst Quarter Stick shifter (OE shifter included)
HR Parts and Stuff rear sway bar kit
No Hop upper control arms
Boxed lower control arms
New rear shocks
New front Koni 3 way adjustable front shocks
15 row 3" inlet stock location stretch intercooler made from 1.5 GNX cores
Aluminum radiator with dual SPAL fans...160* thermostat
Drilled and slotted rotors with carbon-ceramic pads
Stainless steel brake lines
S-10 rear brake cylinders
Convertered to vacume brakes
Numerous chrome engine compartment items
PST polly-graphite body bushings
Lower front frame supports
GNX rear seat brace
New HD gel battery
Racetronix fuel pump hotwire kit
B&M stacked plate tranny cooler
B&M oil cooler
EGR delete plate
Accufab billet fuel pressure regulator
Hurst line lock
EGT gauge with new K type thermocouple
Electronic boost controller with dual boost solenoids
Autometer shift light
Scanmaster 2
Direct Scan with laptop
Autometer oil pressure, boost, tranny temp gauges
Postons audible and visual knock detectors
PLX M-300 wideband O2 sensor and gauge
Stainless test pipe with dump
MSD 8mm race wires
DC Tech powercone with new 9" K&N filter
HR Parts and Stuff polly motor mount
HR Parts and Stuff polly tranny mount
Driveshaft safety loop
Syntheitc fluids in tranny and rear
Valvoline VR1 off-road racing oil in motor
Fresh tune-up and fluids change
This car has run a best of 10.91 and 10.90 @ 121 mph on an easy tune (24 psi and low timing) and runs 11.0's - 11.teens all day long with no problem. It has run a best 60' time of 1.42 and will run 1.5's everyday on a decent track. It typically runs 7.0's in the 1/8 @ 98-99 mph and has run a best of 100 mph in the 1/8 with 6.70's et's....these numbers with a 61-52 turbo!! The new tranny has 0 street miles or track passes since being rebuilt on 11/14/2008. This car was recently driven 500 miles to Bowling Green, KY. for the Buick Nationals (May 2008), averaged 21-23 mpg doing so, ran deep 11's all week. I actually won bracket 2 this year with this car running within .02 of my dial and qualified in the #1 position for TAI and B2. Based off of the times posted above I would guess that the motor is making 450-500 hp to the tires. The car weights 3385 pounds without driver (1/2 tank of fuel) and is full OE sheet metal. It has been in Kansas its entire life and has not seen any road salt nor has it ever been a true daily driver. I knew the previous owner who purchased this car in 1990 from the original owner who he knew well...this car is very well cared for and it shows.
If you want to see a good pic of this car launching on drag radials, check out page 50 of the January 2009 edition of GM High Tech claim to fame.


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Ah Joe Reifs old car, should be a beauty, He might want it back did you contact him? He was selling a stang to get back into Buicks if my memory serves me correctly.
That's a nicely modded car there!! Sorry to get off topic, but never seenor heard of anyone using firestone drag radials.....Did you get those 60ft times on those??
Mind slip on the firestone...they're goodyear drag radials. Plenty of info on their prior performance online. Not trying to sell them separately unless the car doesn't sell.
Actually tax refund may have put a stop to me having to sell. Now all I need is a new bumper filler to bring her back to perfection. And yes those times were on MT drag radials. I too have only used the MT's as the Goodyears (not Firestone that was a typo/mindslip) are brand new and have never seen the earth's surface under friction.
Actually tax refund may have put a stop to me having to sell. Now all I need is a new bumper filler to bring her back to perfection. And yes those times were on MT drag radials. I too have only used the MT's as the Goodyears (not Firestone that was a typo/mindslip) are brand new and have never seen the earth's surface under friction.
I hope you can keep it...... it a nice car...