electric water pump?



who makes one that will work on our stage 2 ?and who sells them?
Thanks Steve
Charged Air Systems does make them for Buicks.

They are the only ones I know of. It is the Meziere water pump that they carry.
Anyone running the mezeire pump on a street car. Are they reliable on the street?
I believe Cal Hartline runs a Meizziere pump on the street. I have one on my 85 racecar and it is the best money I have ever spent!

Keeping the car cool between runs is no problem. The car never gets over 180* during a run. I don't know about long term reliablility for a true street car, but for a limited use street car, I would go electric!

how is the outlet positioned for the radiator hose? I have a clearance problem with my stock pump to header/waste gate .
maziere now makes a remote water pump, i am getting one for my race car, just think about it, no ascessory pulleys but a low mount alt, yo would have to make a block off plate with tapped holes for fittings, but the clearance gained is second to none.
Grant J Farmer