embarrassed my neighbor's kid


About a year back I was out driving my GN which I had owned for only 3 or 4 months at that point. I had been repairing or correcting all the things that the previous owner had done. Anyway, I was still learning to drive this car. I frequently opened it up at that time to check boost and knock. I apparently did this when my neighbor's teenager was trying me out. I was completely unaware of this. He is one of these ricer kids with a honda civic ex with a fart cannon and a supercharger. The only reason I found out about this was when he approached me at a neighborhood party and told me that I had wasted him. I gave him some kind of look like "what are you talking about?" He then told me that we had raced. I asked if he wasn't mistaking me for another car. He responded that it was me driving. This is where I responded that I was'nt even aware that he was there. I think I insulted him. He apparently was giving it everything and I was just goofing around. He "races" his car at a local 1/8 mi track and can barely get in the 9's. He has told me since about the other GN's down there and how they're running in the 6's and 7's. I've gotten 8.22 out of mine and I can't launch to save my life.
Anyway, he has seen the power of the DARK SIDE!!!!
Good kill Tim

Even if you weren't really racing LOL!!! Keep educating these clueless RICERS and maybe one day they'll catch on... It's actually quite simple IMO... Make a fast car faster instead of a slow econo car faster... less money spend and less headaches... Why can't they understand this simple concept:confused:
Good kill!!

I killed one today with my stock 1997 Chevy Malibu. ( idiots )

I wish my TTA was on the road...damn!!