Emblem Part numbers


I have wasted a lot of time today hunting for emblems I need and decided that we should have these particular part numbers listed somewhere on here to help those folks who are restoring or showing their cars:

So far this is what I have found:

GN Emblem: 25516222
Intercooled Emblem: 25526372
3.8 Hood Emblem:
3.8 Trunk Emblem:
T-Type Emblem:
T Emblem:
Buick Trunk Emblem:
Regal Quarter panel Emblem:
Limited Quarter Panel Emblem: 20678581
Buick Grille Emblem:
T-Type Grill Emblem:

As you can see my list is mostly incomplete because of the discrepancies. For example "25519633" is listed by Postons as the correct number for both the hood and trunk 3.8. As the saying goes "There can be only one" All Chrome in back and Chrome on black in the front...

Can someone help me out and post what numbers they know? Also, if I'm missing any please feel free to add them in. I hope that this has not already been done and I'm too slow to find it...:redface:
Thanks for the input. I tried the link which takes me to a series of 5 pages but will go no further than that. Am I doing something wrong?
GN Emblem: 25516222
Intercooled Emblem: 25526372
3.8 Hood Emblem:25519633
3.8 Trunk Emblem:25518640
T-Type Emblem:25516596
T Emblem:22533743
Buick Trunk Emblem:1701932
Regal Quarter panel Emblem:20568989
Limited Quarter Panel Emblem: 20678581
Buick Grille Emblem:25526879
T-Type Grill Emblem:25523230

Here's a few missing from your list that some people might find handy.
Regal Crest-Sail Panel=20220594
Turbo Stand-Up Hood Ornament=25517268
Trunk Lock Cylinder Emblem=20196926

Most of these emblems are discontinued through GM.
Quick question on the hood ornament. I have seen two types. One with a more pointed end (facing the front of the car)and one with a flat end (facing the front of the car). Is there a certain one that is designated for a certain year?
Way late but if it helps anyone out

Regal rear quarter badge 20568989
T-Type fender badge 86/87 25516596
86 T-Type grill plate 25523230
Trunk lid Buick badge 1701932