End Link ?'s


I need a new set of sway bar end links on my regal. Can anyone give me a part # for the energy suspension ones or anyone elses. Its stated that I may have to measure to find out but don't want to come up wrong.
All you need to do is measure the metal tubular spacer in the middle between the two metal washers.

Position the wheel in a way that you can do it more easily.

I believe the closest you will find will be these, 3 9/16" 9.8124.

It's not an exacting measurement 1/16" to 1/8" error won't kill you especially when you see what sizes they come in, one is the obvious choice to use.

I can recheck mine tomorrow, but it's a 1987 car.

Hot airs may have a different one then again they may not.

Energy suspension should have the exact number/size on their Buick info. page since they sell that master group of parts that includes end links for the GN's.