engine bogging down


9 sec street car
first off,i was having trouble with the car starting so swapped the coil and module and now the car starts, but driving normal the car runs fine and as soon as i get on the throttle the car sputters and pops and bangs.any help would be awesome i have no idea what the problem is.thanks
same happened to me a couple weeks ago, all it ended up being is a sparkplug wire wasn't all the was on 1 plug. might want to check that
Sounds like maybe a leak between the maf and intake. Check your slinky pipe and cooler couplings. Make sure none of the connections popped off or came loose.

i cant tell when the backfire occurs but i adjusted the fuel pressure and that helped a bit,but still has some hesitation when applying the throttle.i will check all the plumbing to make sure for a proper seal.thanks guys i will post any progress.