engine finally back together but?

85 TR

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I pulled the top end of my engine apart and cleaned up the heads put in a postons 202 cam , new timing chain and ported the runners on my intake but now that the engine is back together it idles like crap I also had a three angle valve job and the heads rebuit with new valve seat grind could it be idleing and dirng poorly becouse of the valves not sealed to the seats yet or could the timing be off i dont undertand how to adjust the timing when i move the cam sensor the mark on my balancer stays the same. please help i am eager to see how the car does .

thanks for any help
Sounds like you have a vacuum leak somewhere. Check gnttype.org in the resource section for the correct procedure on setting the cam sensor. Check everything on the motor for the vacuum leak,even a small one can cause big problems.

Eric Fisher
vac leak

I second the vac leak idea. I have personally worked on two cars that would not even run the vac leak was so bad. I checked for the leaks with starting fluid. I just sprayed the fluid around and when the idle picks up the leak is in tha area. Check around the metal egr tube and the joints where the turbo connects to the throttle body. Also check the turbo to intake adapter and all the metal vac lines for cracks.

Jerry Berger