engine parts for sale


empty wallet
Feb 10, 2007
Looking to unload some parts to buy more :)

1) 3.8L block, std bore no spun bearings $300, machine shop says can be used as is (hone of course) if needed

2) Set of 8445 heads, new exhaust valves, fresh valve job & seals, with stk springs, cups, retainers and locks-assembled. $175 ($150 was cost of machine shop bill). -sale pending

3) Turbo crank, machine shop recommended 10/10 $125

4) 20 bolt oil pan $35

5) Stk turbo, 72k. Minor shaft play, should be rebuild $50

6 Stk turbo, 25k. NO SHAFT PLAY, oil on exhaust side. $75
Yes, this is a Turbo 109 block. Tanked and checked at a local machine shop.

I am located in N. Del. (basically where DE, NJ, PA meet).
Ill take the 2 stock turbos. Let me know if you take Paypal.