Engine/turbo combination suggestions


Looking to take advantage of the experience I have seen on this site for my 87 GN restoration.

Pulling the motor tomorrow for a rebuild. Looking for combination suggestions to do it right the first "go round". Planning to go with a stroker rebuild using weber as they are close and well thought of.

The key for me is this car will be run on pump gas, (94 oct) will be the best in my area. I want it to be as quick as possible on the street as a driver. Will not be run at a track.

So I am looking for a combination to achieve that goal. Based on a stroker with Champion iron heads, their intake with billet rail. Everything after that is up in the air from injectors, turbo charger, would also like to use external gate?, headers, downpipe,cam,fuel pump etc.

Other items I have are an ESP front mount, tinman cold air kit,roller cam.

Would love to hear some suggestions if any of you have the time.

Thanks from Canada across from the motor city.
well what kinda cash are you working with? if its alot id start with a pte billet wheel 6776 ona 3200 pts lockup stall. external wastegate, a set of 83 lbs injectors, a nice 212-212 roller cam, and be sure to put it on bs3 or xfi

oh yea, put tires on it lol

thats my .02
is that combination going to be alright on pump gas? haven't looked at turbo prices lately what is that turbo worth? Who'd downpipe and exteranl gate do you recommend...Don't mind paying if its right, I appreciate your time in giving me some feedback.
id go after any 3-3.5 inch dp with the internal wastegate blocked off. i use only tial wastegates, but any quality unit will work. and have the stock pass side manifold modified for a external gate...or if you wanna wait for a bit, im gonna be selling one of my modified external WG stock manifolds.

pump gas is easy just keep timing and boost down to under 17-19 for both