engraver1 products and gagues for the beast


What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
i got all my gauges in today. it took forever to hook up the wires for the lights and what not but it looks good. but i still have to put the senders in for trans temp oil temp and exhaust temp. it will all come in time but it looks mean. i have 4 on the passener side made by engraver1. he does really nice stuff i also got 1 piller on driver side with boost 30 30 and i got 3 on top of the radio. i also have ingraver1 delete panel for the radio and ac. it is so nice i like it alot. thanx ingraver1

p.s i dont think i will need anymore gauges. i got to many now i have to sit the laptop in the passenger seat.

where's your knock gauge?:D

i'm a bit of a gauge geek myself:30-0-30 2-5/8" boost,8k liquid filled 2-5/8" tach,fuel pressure,water temp,oil pressure and knock.

i also have an egt that i need to find a spot for...:rolleyes: