Enkies or Kirban Reproduction GNX Rims?


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Jun 11, 2009
I have been looking around trying to find the right wheel cap for my rims pictured below.

The wheel caps currently on the rim have been taped at the base to make them "stay on."

Since then I have lost 2 wheel caps. I have researched this board and all point to these rims
being made from Enkie or the early reproduction GNX rims offered by Kirban. Further into
my research I am left to believe that the exact wheel cap is hard to find for these rims. Thus
the reason why the previous owner used regular reproduction GNX wheel caps and taped the based
to make them stay on.

Rim size are 16x8 front and back.

Any help would me much appreciated.

Thank you,
David Marin

hello; I believe Kirban still sells those wheels so he should carry the center caps. But all that center logo is a sticker so you should be able to find something else. Instead of tape you might try some silicon.
But think of this. You might want to find another style of wheel as those are a pain to keep clean and that look has been around forever.
have fun
Glad I could help. Had a set of gold ones back in the day. They were made by ARE. However they are identical to the enkei.
The caps in your picture are the correct (Kirban/ARE) caps. Check with Pete at Kirban's to see what center emblems he would have for them. If you check their website they may have pictures of the Buick tri-shield emblems Dennis used on his center caps. (GM #10130299) now hard to get.
i'm probably going to get something like this for my stock GTA's- the lip that holds a stock cap is broken off on 2 of them, and it's easy to drill and tap the 5 holes for the screws.. i think it will look pretty good and the caps won't ever fall off. then it's just a matter of getting some "power 6" stickers to put in the middle..

hello; I'd like to see how those center caps work out when you're done. I might like it.