enough injector?

steve davis

quick 86
Sep 4, 2004
will my 60/65 motrons high imp.be enough with my new adds,70 bb turbo,champion irons,roller cam,206/206.my problem is my 6.0 dfi wont go any more injecter at least Daley driving.any thoughts.
On the street with pump gas you are more than okay.

Here's the chart and being very conservative you are good for 600-625HP.


What octane, boost levels, what trim turbo, what timing in the DFI program?

Give us some more details of what you want to do and how you are going to run the car?

Hopefully you can log DC with that fancy DFI and when using race gas. :)

I wouldn't worry about them until you start using them to make some serious power. ;)

You will probably get millions of replies now. :cool:
The injectors are rated at 702HP the turbo is rated at 850HP.
Take it easy with the boost if you are going to run this combination.
thanks john.i just dont have the $ right now for a big stuff or fast system.timing at*23,110-112 octane.boost ?.start at 20
Steve, it is pretty common to run 72lbs injectors with the gen 6 box.
I have even heard of 83s. Usually with the 83 and bigger they run a VIC with the Gen 6 box.
83's is not a problem with gen 6, but if you don't have the racetronix upgrade, you might as well forget about it idling to well. 4 amps x 6 injectors=24 amps @100 % duty cyel on a single #16 awg wire, you do the math on the voltage drop...