Erson 214/214


Hi....I need some opinions and help selecting a cam for my "BRAND NEW" SG1-109 crate engine.....I am thinking of using the Erson 214/214 (TQ20H) any thoughts on this cam for this new mill of mine....the turbo is TE63 big shaft....the stock 8445 heads will receive a port and polish-w-3 angle valve cut....what do you think ?????
Ive never seen an erson cam work well in any engine, but who knows. Maybe the TR grinds are good. I always liked Lunati, Comp, Crane and Isky cams. As far as the valve job. Are you talking about a 3 angle seat cut, or a 3 angle valve back cut? its best to start with a valve that has alot of meat still on it. The more times a valve has been ground, the less you can do with it. You grind most of the 45 away with a 30. Then grind a 44.5 degree cut (helps with proper seating and break in tremendously), until the cut on the valve is about .020" wider than the 45 degree cut on the valve seat. Then grind a 15 degree back cut. The 15 degree cut will end up pretty wide, which is fine as long as you have plenty 30 degree cut left. As far as seats go, I would strongly recommend finding someone with a Serdi station, and have them use the performance bit for the seat. Instead of a bunch of angles, it gives you a sweeping curve that helps low lift flow quite a bit. That, and with a serdi you can pretty much guarantee the seat is perfectly round and perpendicular to the guide. Stones are garbage, and are extremely old technology. Having cut a ridiculous amount of seats with both a Serdi and with stones, I would only use stones on heads that belong to someone I hate. :biggrin: