ESC Question


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Oct 29, 2002
The guy I was buying the '80 ESC from just told me it's actually an '81 P/N. That means it was used with the ECU. Anyone know if it's possible to use the '81 ESC as a stand-alone without the ECU?

Some exported 1981 Turbo V6's didn't use an ECM. This page has some part numbers I found:

If it's for an ECM, then it's also for a system that uses an ESC (computer controlled) distributor.

PS - If you don't buy it, you might want to post the contact inof for someone else to get it. :)
Anyone interested in a 1981 ESC/ECM PN 1224743, contact Alan at: I won the part on eBay, but I am unable to use it because I am running a non ECM (ESC-only) setup. Alan is a good guy and is refunding the purchase, so I am not out anything, and I am sure he would appreciate the business. Tell him Dave English referred you.

I would appreciate if anyone has a '78-80 ESC controller they are willing to sell, please contact me at: