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Does anyone know what a bone stock 87 t-type should turn in the 1/4? This one doesnt have limited slip, so it tends to sit and spin alot. Also what is a good launch technique for same assuming stock tires? Thanks....

My WE4 car is very stock, only addition is a K&N air filter. It ran a 14.0 @ 95mph I think. My car has the posi-unit though. The trick on street tires is to "feather" the gas and start off the line with a "low launch RPM". Don't get too anxious, which most first time racer run into, and nail the throttle to the floor. You have to apply the right amount of gas or let off the throttle so the tires can get traction...this is called feathering the throttle. Along with this, if you can "brake-stand" your car to pre-load it, it tends to help with the suspension as it already starts to "transfer" the vehicle weight to the rear. A brake stand is done by holding your left foot on the brake with the right amount of pressure while pushing the throttle, in turn allowing your car not to move and "pre-loading" it. I managed to run my time using these techniques with NO tune-up what-so-ever. The other thing I forgot to mention is previous to going to the line you might want to "clean" your tires off of all the debris (stones, dirt, rocks) that you picked up while driving to the line. This helps in the area that it allows a bigger "contact patch" to touch the ground. I hope this helps...

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go to and you will find the answers. basically, a turbo regal (86 and prior called T-type...right) or Turbo-T (87) with a few nice options...only 1,547 made with those options.

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Thanks for the info on WE4. My car may be one of those! I remember the aluminum bumper mounts, and my wheels match the pics of the stock cars. Ive got chrome bumpers, however, and a hood ornament. Will check #s tommorrow.

check the RPO sticker in the trunk, just look for WE4. that's all and then you'll know. :D

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Purchased my WE4 with 37K miles on it. I have known this car since it was new.

With minimum modifications and still using stock turbo, and a lot of help from people with more experience, I have been able to make this car fun some good times (see sig).

Learn to tune the stock setup before making any major changes.

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MY PURE stock 110k WE4 ran a 14.4 @ 94 mph on a summer day. This was 215 65 15's, oem chip, air cleaner, etc. I hadnt even done the spring cleaning yet. I went back the next week with a test pipe and chip and 160 stat and ran 13.9 @ 100. Then I was hooked !