Everyone Please Read! Policy Notice On TB!

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I am going to ask all of you guys to help me with something.

We have several guys selling products here under the radar. It has costs us at least one GREAT vendor and I honestly can't blame him...

We have guys selling everything from Air Fresheners, T-Shirts, stickers, downpipes, radiators, rods, pistons, cranks, etc... All under the guise of normal members "just" sharing a hobby with others... Whether you believe it or not these guys make just as much or more money then vendors sometimes for several reasons. Main one that concerns me is selling products on TB without paying advertisement fees!!

Again I am not in this for the money, if so I would have been sold out... It is about a level playing field. It is not fair that some vendors pay johnny on the spot and appreciate paying the dues here because they appreciate the members supporting them... Some of these guys work on tight budgets. All of them are having a tough time right now I imagine... It isn't like the TR economy is unaffected by the times...

You may save a little money going a different route but in the mean time you hurt the guys that put the research and money back into the sport to bring us what we all love...

So I am asking to please check out our vendor list regularly and see who is sponsoring the site. Also look for the BLUE HIGHLIGHTED NAMES, dead giveaway for a site sponsor!!! Help these guys out as they help keep this place going. It doesn't run for free...

I am not trying to be hard to get along with but right is right and wrong is wrong.

If you see people posting several products, ie multiples of the same type stuff like a vendor would, please contact me or other admin. Same goes for the backdoor PM salesman.

All I am asking is to be fair and support the people that make the TR world go around...

The other alternative is to charge no vendor fees and charge membership fees. Who would you rather have pay for this, the vendors or you?
Not open for further replies.