Excessive Voltage


Nov 10, 2007
I just cleaned up underneath the hood of my car with simple green and hosing it off with a garden hose. Upon start up, I had a few lights on: Oil pressure and volt light. My mechanical guage was reading good pressure so I unhooked the connector by the oil filter and let it air out. It came on initially, then flickered, then went out once I reconnected it.

The volt light is dim at idle then goes out once you give it some gas. I check the volts at the alternator and it's 18.XXv, scan master was a bit less! The alternator is a spendy powermaster adjustable unit. Should I try to turn it down or did I just screw it up? I don't think I should be driving it like this.
Likely got water into the potentiometer on the alternator. Can try drying it out with a hairdrier. If that doesn't work will need to have them repair it.

And you are correct, do not drive the car with the voltage that high. Or even run the engine for more then 10 - 15 seconds for testing. The ECM shuts down the quad driver outputs once the voltage is over 17.1, but damage to the ECM can still occur at high voltages.

No volt booster, I went to restart it and it wouldn't start. I seen I blew the fp fuse.
Alternator has water in it and not happy with you. It may dry out. X2 on a hairdryer or heat gun. Blow off coil/module as well.
Tried starting with a new fuse, ran for a second, then popped the fuse and quit. I am really wishing right now I didn't decide to clean the motor. :(
Now, you can get out the sensor safe contact cleaner, a brush, and the di-electric grease, and clean /lube all the connections!:D
I noticed know when I turn on the ignition, the pump sounds like it just keeps running. I don't know what the heck is wrong with this thing. Starting a for sale add seems like my best bet right now.
Well, I took the oil pressure plug off and cleaned with contact cleaner it had a black gooey substance on it that didn't smell too good. The fuel pump still kept running with it plugged in after I cleaned it. So I un plugged it and it works the way it should. So that problem must be associated with that plug. It may be easier to just by a new pig tail from caspers and be done with it. I thought I was going to luck out with the alternator. After heating it, it did drop to 14.6, but went back up to almost 17 after it ran for a bit. I suppose I will have to remove it and send it in. What a nightmare this has been. It's always 1 step forward and 3 back with this thing.
Lesson learned:
Fun costs money.
Saran Wrap is cheap.
Electronics are delicate.

Now, get it fixed and enjoy it...............:cool: