Exhaust housing bolts?? and other fun melted parts


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May 24, 2004
Anyone know where to get the bolts for the elbow to exhaust housing? GM didnt have any when I checked. Also anyone know what kinda bolts they are, specs wise and where i could get them? Also the bolt and spring set on the downpipe to elbow...anyone know where to get a new set of those? The spring went MIA one night and did a great job on melting the Radiator Res.!!! And one more, who makes a good set of plug wires for these monsters!!??
I got some Taylor plug wires and I'm pretty satisfied. The only way to get good fitting ones are to custom make them but I just got the GN and they fit pretty good. One of the wires is a little long but it's not bad.
Is that bolts for the stock elbow?

I might have a spare set, do you need 1 or 2 including the spring?

I have to check and see what I have, drop me a line @ jan_l@rsson.com and I'll let you know if I can help.

Otherwise post on the Wanted forum as most people should have them laying around or ask one of our sponsors, but as I said I might have some spare ones.
Those elbow bolts are available at your hardware store. I think they are 8x 20x 1.25mm. Get the hardest ones they carry.
About plug wires, I'm running a stock replacement set of AC Delcos,fit is acceptable, color perfect.
Yes Jan their the stock elbow bolts, I'll try putting the post up in wanted and see what some say, but if i dont get much response i'll deff. shoot ya an email, thank you very much!
match up one you have and get some stainless replacements and coat them liberally with anti seize compound. Does wonders....
you can get the bolt & spring at napa,thats where i got mine :)
if they cant find it under tta have them look up a gn..
im running a set of taylor wires . :) very nice