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Jan 7, 2002
Well I'm at the point where I need a new exhaust from the cat to the back how should I go single exhaust or dual exhaust? Which mufflers too?

Well Allen,

If you don't mind the noise or like it a bit loud I'd go with an ATR 3" single shot with their pit-bull muff. I like mine... although I will have to admit I can't hear myself think sometimes :rolleyes: Just my .02
I've got a 2 3/4 mandrel bent from bowling green. But it took forever and a bunch of phone calls, never did get the mufflers so I got them locally. I got the delta flow flowmasters, they don't have the drone. So if you don't want a lot of noise, but a good deep sound. They seem to perform good, but I don't know the actual numbers compared to others.
I would suggest the atr set up, the flow masters are too restrictive, when we dropped them from the cat back gained another 4 tenths. Just my two cents.
The atr dual exhaust gets my vote too. I bought 2 systems from them. First system bought about 6 or 7 years ago had the Walker stainless Ultra Flo mufflers (damn near straight thru designs). 2nd set was bought about 4 yrs ago and it came with their Pit Bull mufflers (stainless). Both systems are excellent, low noise, and ultra low restriction. Cars have gone into the low 11's with these 2 types, and the dual exhaust design maintains the stock appearance - and are also either 1/4" or 1/2" larger in diameter (I forget which). The ATR's fit well, with no challenges to install.
How loud is the ATR dual set up?? I have a true dual 3inch(collector to tip) with two chamber flowmasters on my 78 camaro, it sounds great but you get tired of not being able to hear what your girlfriend is saying to you with the windows down......maybe thats a good thing....

I like a low dull sound but not too loud, i hate taking my camaro on long trips.
The ATR dual setup is not loud at all. Neither the Walker Ultra Flows nor the ATR brand Pit Bull mufflers are loud. Both types have a very pleasant, low volume sound. You'd be happy with either.