Explain a translator+ please

Sal Lubrano

Active Member
Apr 26, 2002
How does a translator plus work with a 3.5" maf. The Way I see it you can adjust the fueling in the maf. So does the translator trick the ecm in to thinking there is more air flowing? Now, for the timing adjustment. How does the translator change the timing?
The Translator Plus converts the 3.5" MAF sensor signal to the proper range for the GN ECM, it has some adjustment dials inside for tuning. For the WOT adjustment to work, the ECM needs an extender or extender extreme chip which can read airflow beyond the 255 limit. Once you have the extended range chip, then you can tune the WOT AirFuel delivery with the dials in the Translator.

Without the extended range chip, the translator can be used with any other standard type chip and it will function like a low restriction stock MAF.

The Translator PLUS adds control of the spark advance. The unit intercepts the timing trigger signal going from the ECM to the Ignition module. Time increments are added or subtracted from the trigger signal to make the spark advance greater or less that it was.