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May 25, 2001
87 GN with T-tops, heavily modded but will Never see track again. Looking to replace stock rear sway bar. YES I have read through the 3 pages of rear sway bar posts. lol I guess that's why I am more confused and need advice. The control arms I have are Hotchkis. Would a stock style bar that bolts up to the control arms like the Full throttle/ATR be good for me on the street or is something like the Detroit Speed setup going to make the car feel better/more solid on the street. I know about the HR and the great reviews, but it is quite pricey me. Can someone better explain how the setup like the Detroit Speed/HR bar are better than just a larger bar on boxed control arms? Is it just the difference of the rear binding up between the 2 different styles? I appreciate any informative insight before I make the purchase.
I would go with a swaybar that mounts to the frame and axle housing in any and all cases. It's the best solution for all situations You already seem to know the benefits from this type of swaybar. Yes the main benefit is allowing the rear suspension to articulate without the swaybar adding any additional binding. It is also most likely lighter in weight and more effective than an aftermarket control arm mounted bar. On most you can adjust the preload on the bar and also the change the rate of the bar by using the different position holes in the bar. These type bars are a little more pricey but definitely worth it. What exactly do you plan on doing with the car? I would look into the hellwig rear bar. Heard a lot of good things about it. I have the Detroit speed front and rear bars which over all I am happy with. Not a fan of the single shear frame mounting tabs but I am changing that to a double shear like the h&r bar or the spoon and most other chassis mounted bars.

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The only major issue I had with my dse bar was that it contacted my rear end girdle. I don't know if anyone else had this problem or not. I ended up just repositioning the mounts on the housing slightly more rearward to clear the cover.

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