External oil pump



Has anybody installed an external single stage pump with the drive mandrel in a stock front chassis GN. Looking to do this to my stage 2 motor. Or should I just use the Duttweiler deal. Is there any body else making oil systems for the buicks?

Thanks Rich
I was going to leave this alone as I haven't made one yet, but I plan to make a hybrid front cover for my motor using a gerotor pump/lower cover half from a 3800. Crank driven at 2x cam speed, no more gears driven off of the cam, and it will be pretty easy to make either external or internal feed. The pump is driven with either a lower timing gear with flats on it, or flats machined into the balancer hub. Ruggles made a few of these and the people I've heard from who had/have one are very impressed with them. I have the covers out in the garage...

Hey Rich, Sarge ran one on his car. He just sent me the pump a couple of days ago. It is a single stage Moroso belt driven pump. I need to build a wet sump engine for a couple of the tracks that won't let us run the dry sump setup. I prefer it to the Dutweiller set up because the only thing you drive off the cam gear is the distributor or in your case I guess the cam sensor.
Kendall, I fooled with one of those Ruggles Hybrids on Bob Hinsons engine, it is a really neat set up, however, not for the hobbyist fabricator! You can email him if you are interested what he uses, I believe he is BobTempest on this board
Bill, you'd be surprised at just what this home hobbyist will attempt (is stupid enough to attempt?). :) Yes, I've seen Bob's and talked to him about it at Reynolds a bit a couple of weeks go.

Looking at it, the only crucial alignment issue seems to be getting the lower section centered for minimal runout for the pump and oil seal. The factory depends on the alignment pins in the block to do this; I intend to use a spare block as a locating jig and heat sink while tacking and welding the halves, then mill the mating surface at the weld flat.
I would think it would be very easy to machine a bushing that fits tight to the crank and also fits tight to the hole in the front cover in order to index the shaft to the cover hsg for minimal run out, good luck with the project.