Extreme Automatic Stage 2 with Trans Brake FS


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Feb 21, 2010
I purchased from another member a year ago thinking I would need for customer or one of my friends but that didn't happen.
Its a lockup I think. Was ordered with deep pan because the tb required one.
I have the stage 3 in my car and it's a great trans.
I think I paid about 2700 shipped to me so I'm going to ask same. I'm in SF bay area so local will be best.
-+3830 is the price for a new one plus shipping
The trans has never been ran. Still on same pallet and wrap from Lonnie's. It was originally purchased for a backup, and he left in garage the whole time.
It's probably 10 years old I'm guessing.
Don't need any parts but I'm in need of a short block. I want something solid to put my aluminum TA heads and 6766 turbo on. I will add money obviously.
Cash is king but shoot me PM.s.
please pm offers
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If you decide to ship to Florida, let me know and maybe we can work something
Ahh crap, I just saw that you are looking for a short block
If the couple bites i have dont work out I will LYK. I got the unit from Florida I think, the shipping was 500$ a year ago, might be more now.
I have a warehouse with a forklift to send from so its not out of the question