Extreme G Chip for MAF Translator Gen II Parameter 8 Knocklite


Daily Driver
Anyone know how to program this? I know 0 is 'OFF'.
Paper manual I have says to program it *2 so is that 2 degrees per number entered as the start threshold?
Had to disconnect the battery when doing a starter swap nightmare in the driveway this week.
I've seen the SES light go crazy a few times accelerating, so I'm thinking of raising the number or setting it to 0. ;) :p o_O
Set at 2 right now.
Suggest you contact Bob Bailey (the mad scientist) who invented this or possibly Eric Marshall at TurboTweak
Yea that's my next step after the holiday.
I thought more people were using those, but the GEN II version probably not.
I forgot Eric sold them also, thanks. :cool:
Confirmed by da man himself T.B., number programmed (entered by user) is multiplied by *2 as the threshold for KR for when the SES light will blink. 4 programmed means that over 8 degrees of knock will flash the light.