F.A.S.T. Training Video


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Aug 10, 2003
Anyone know if F.A.S.T. ever completed the training video that Craig Smith was working on ??

If so, where can I get one ?

There is a video for the XFI system that should be avalable very soon (if not already) The editing took a little longer than expected. Look for my buddy Squirt in the video.

It should be available soon. I think the last I was told, was that it was in the final production stage. It should be available through any place where you can purchase FAST products, or from FAST themselves. This is all that I have been told, but I haven't heard of a price yet. I am just standing in line, waiting for my copy.
The video # is # 30-7061 Titled "Taking the fear & intimidation out of efi" You can corrct me if I'm wrong. And should be available soon.