F. DISC UPGRADE for small center caps

.38 special

all spooled up
Oct 11, 2002
I recently bought new wheels and can't really mount the fronts without a spacer. And even when mounted, can't put the center caps on because they are the flush mounted kind and the center hub is too large.
So, I was thinking of having some center caps made. But decided why not just upgrade to a disc that uses a smaller hub and get some stopping power while I'm at it. I am sure that somebody has run into this problem before.
I need something with a hub that is shorter and less overall diameter. And if it sticks out more that would be good too (since the backspacing is a little much on the wheels).
I don't even know where to begin looking.
Any advice would be appreciated. And if you don't know, but you know who I should talk to then let me know.