F/S: 36mm tubular Thirdgen front sway bar.....


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Jul 9, 2001
For Sale: Front tubular sway bar for G-body... Originally a Gen3 Camaro front bar for the 1LE package, it's the good guy tubular 36mm diameter bar that fits our G bodies. I bought it new from GM years ago, and recently got a Hotchkis bar from SaintBernie, so I'm looking to unload this one. It is in good shape, comes with like new frame bushings and (mismatched) frame brackets, but you'll have to supply your frame bracket bolts and endlinks... I painted it with semi-gloss VHT frame paint when I first installed it, so it has a couple of rub spots, but since I live in NorCal, the paint overall is still pretty good, and this bar has never seen snow/road salt!! It cleared my PTE SLIC too... I need $65 plus shipping from zip code 94582 (package is 49X4.5X16.5 and 19.8 lbs). I'll take PayPal at no extra charge. First person to PM me that they want it gets it, and thanks for looking...
John A, Turbohh




DCG, replied to your PM... don't think this is what you're looking for...

TTT ... Still available

John A, Turbohh