F/S: Fresh Rebuilt CS144 GN Alternator, rear shock relocation brkts, front sway bar mount brkts


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Jul 9, 2001
For Sale:
I just redid my motor again, and put a new alternator from Kirban in the car. I rebuilt the old one, and thought I'd pass it along. All new internals (rectifier, regulator, brushes, brgs, batt post etc), correct 120A rotor. Case was powder-coated silver and then clear -coated. The clear is turning yellow on the front half of the case/fan/pulley from the years of heat. There are a few dings/rubs on coating in the case and fan. Rear mounting brace hole was heli-coiled to 3/8-16 and I'm including the flange head bolt I used to secure the brace to the alt. I had it tested at a nearby CarQuest, 14.1 V no load, 13.9 V loaded 0 miles since rebuild. Asking $120 OBO shipped to your door in the lower 48 United States.

Also have a set of 3/8" thick aluminum rear shock relocation brackets for moving the lower end of your OEM-style (non-coil over) shocks inboard for clearance purposes. I have older Baer single piston PBR type rear disc brakes, and needed to move the lower shock mounting point inwards to clear the e-brake cables. I made these from a length of thick aluminum L-channel. These are patterned after the steel pieces that Baer makes, only lighter and stronger. Will include the hardware for anti-rotation. $40 OBO shipped in the lower 48 United States

Last is a set of nice straight, not rusty, OEM front sway bar mounts off my Nor Cal car. Coated with silver/gray hammertone paint and in great shape still. Sorry, I don't have any bushings or mounting bolts for these. $20 OBO shipped in the lower 48 United States.

Thanks for looking!
John A, Turbohh

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interested in shock mounts do you have any pics of mounted on car? how much do they move the shock in?
Sorry I don't have any pics of the bracket when they were mounted on the car. I looked for pics of the Baer pieces installed on the web, but didn't find any for comparison. I have converted over to coil-overs on the rear, so that's why I took them off. I did measure (roughly) the center of the new shock mounting hole to the inside of the bracket (that mates to the flange that the control arms and shocks attach to originally) and measured ~1-5/16". So that and however much the original shock location is (I'm guessing at least 3/4" from the center of the OEM hole to the inside mating surface where the bracket mounts) gives us about 2" or so inward movement of the lower shock mounting location. Hope this helps, or if someone knows better, please chime in ...
John A, Turbohh
Relocation brackets sold ... Thanks Charles! Still have the alternator and rust-free sway bar brackets ...
John A, Turbohh
Still have this 86-87 GN alternator ... Can't believe someone doesn't need a freshly rebuilt unit that isn't too ugly ... Happy to take offers ... I put $45 worth of parts in it, and had it tested afterwards ... Works great ... Also, still have the OEM sway bar brackets ... Some resto person in the Rust Belt or East Coast needs these, LOL ... Virgin sunny Nor Cal pieces ...
John A, Turbohh