F/S: SOLD!! Nice used G-Body vacuum brake booster


SOLD!! Swapped out my OEM-sized vacuum brake booster for a larger Caprice model, so I'm passing along this nice unit I took off. It's the OEM size (9-1/2" ?) dual-diaphragm model that is correct for G-Body cars. I had it replated/rebuilt before I put it on a couple of years ago. I clear coated it with KBS Satin Diamond Clear before installing it so the plating would stay nice. There are a a few spots with discoloration from where brake fluid has gotten on it (see pics). The most serious one is right under the master cylinder mounting flange. When the MC is in place, this spot is not very noticeable. The booster will come with the check valve, the MC mounting bolts, MC pushrod and seal, a nylon bushing for the pedal pin, and home-made firewall seal if you want to use it ... Booster worked jut fine, I wanted more assist for 4-wheel Baer set-up ... Sorry, I don't have the pedal or MC to go with this set-up. Asking $80 shipped to your door in the lower 48 United States. Thanks for looking ...
John A, Turbohh

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Yeah, it was ... I have much better braking power without having to go to a smaller MC bore diameter ... It's a little bigger, but fit okay, and can still get the valve covers off if needed ...
John A