F/S 42.5 # injectors with TT 5.7 Chip.

Any details about the chip? Street chip, 93 oct etc?
When will they be available?
60 turbo
Street 93 Alky but it went 11.74 on that chip/injector combo.
Next day after paypal is received they will be removed and shipped out.
if you want i can even video them working on the car.
Bare with me as I'm a GN newbie and still learning. I have a stock turbo on my car and no current plans for alky. I know I've been recommended 42.5lb injectors, but chip being for alky will it or won't it work as I don't plan for alky now. Thanks for any info.
stick with a street chip (non alky) and if you cant get 93oct get a chip for what you can get

the Alky chip could be adjusted for wot use (turn down timing and drop some wot fuel) and would have to learn cruise midrange (would be richer until it learned) , and on stock boost solenoid it would command too much boost for use without alky