F/s -dis 4


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Sep 4, 2006
Have the unit, plug and play module and all the parts, even thebox. This is a working unit removed I removed from my car. Best Offer....just don't think I need it.

Has the 2-step rev limiter,good for building consistent boost at the tree.
Does the unit work ok?...I'm asking this because some of these have been known to go bad..If it's ok, I'd go to $275....

Yes, it is the DIP switch unit, or older unit. And it works perfectly. I just need to raise some cash ....

Let me know
Say 'DIP' and everyone runs. Geez. Guys, this IS a fully working unit. I 'll even throw in a good coil pack. I have ALL the parts plus plug and play module and instructions.

Lets try this again. Best offer
$250. And it includes everything, the DIS4 Unit, the MSD ignition module adapter (goes between the stock coil and stock ignition module) so you only have to 'plug 'er in...no splicing of wires, and I'll even through in a good coil pack.