F/S stock location aftermarket intercooler 17 row


Its alright.
Dec 16, 2015
i have a 17 row stock location intercooler with brackets, up pipe, and crank fan with hardware and shroud/scoop

crank fan with adapter and hardware, mounting brackets (no hardware), intercooler has hardware with it, up pipe has silicon adapters with clamps you can reuse or do your own thing.

intercooler is in good shape fins not smashed no leaks worked well on my car for the 5 years i owned it and i believe it was on the car with the previous owner which was a family member who owned it for 20 years but no idea when he installed it.

intercooler mounting holes are threaded and they did get tight but could use a better bolt or possibly cleaned up and rethreaded, always had to check the brackets to keep them tight. not sure what brand it is either.

2-1/2" inlet and outlet on intercooler
17-1/4" tall core

parts are posted also here locally on craigslist and would like to sell locally but if i have to ship the actual shipping cost will be billed to the buyer and i i'm sure it wont be cheap since it will be a large box. i would need time to make a box, pack it and get a estimate so please be patient. thank you. any questions feel free to ask.

$400 OBO?



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i believe trashman was first in line, will keep everone posted and go down the line.
i apologize looks like a member by the profile name of blacky inboxed me 1 minute before trashman did. since he offered to pick up local.
I know this was already sold but does anyone know if it was a Mark Jackson? I am very curious as to how many people or companys make stretch intercoolers???