Factory tach stopped working last night ??


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May 15, 2007
Having a problem with the factory tach and boost guage on my 87 GN.

Tach used to work fine until last night, now will not light up at all anymore. Scanmaster showing RPMs correctly. Is it just the digital lights are burned out or could it be worse than that ? Is it repairable ?

Boost guage lights up to about 3 lbs of boost then shows dark until about 8 lbs and then lights up again right to the 15 lb mark.
Same problem as above ?

I will install an aftermarked boost guage next year anyways but would like to know if both of these problems are fixable and what most likely needs to be done.

Any advice is appreciated
Yes,thank you for the reply. I found that link after I posted.
Is this the only solution ? I don't mind doing a re: and re: on this if I have to, but if the original can be fixed easily, I'd go that route first.