Factory TR Service Manual

any way you guys can share through means of uploading the ISO of the CD or uploading the PDF? The website is still up but he doesn't have the order page anymore. I've tried several means of contacting him.
Sent you a PM with the email address he used when I bought a CD - he might be on vacation of something - cool guy, met him at Buicks at Bristol way back in the day.
His order page says " Working on something different. Stay tuned!"

He might be in the middle of something and has not had time for his emails. Just have to wait and see.

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Anyone know if he is still selling the Cd and how to contact him? I went to the website and no luck there.

He released it into the public. There is a thread along with a link as to where to get the CD .iso file. IIRC, it is on a google server.