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May 18, 2003
I have been kicking around 2 ideas for my GN....I have no idea which way I will go yet. I figured you guys would help me out.

My 1987 GN Rims are stock. The chrome is starting to get pits on it, and the black inner part is scratched and peeling. The owner before me put "bobs" tires on it. I swear, there is not a manufacturers label on any of the tires. Even the guys at Discount Tire were perplexed.

Anyway, the car has 19,000 miles on it...so yes its a garage queen. Yet the mods I have done to her, it seems like only natural in the progression of things to get these wheels done as well. Now, I have decided to put the stock tires back on it...I love the raised white lettering and GoodYear has always been a favorite for tires anway. But what I am having trouble doing is finding someone who can either sell me GNX style rims....and I mean the ones from GM....not bobs knock-offs that look like honeycomb. I will pay the 290.00 or whatever it is per rim...no expense is too much for the GN. But I have also thought about getting the factory rims stripped, cleaned and Powder coated black. Most people like the 2nd idea...which is cool. But I live In Las Vegas, NV. Where the hell do I find someone who can do this???? There is a guy here who works on GN's and is supposed to be the authority on them here in town. He is a nice guy, but for whatever reason, he doesnt like me. He did my rear seal some months back. Had it done inside 3 hours...and charged me $350.00 I paid him cash, and he told me that he could get whatever work I wanted done on the car with no problem. Yet the problem is he never wants to work on my car!!!! I had to have my lower bushings (including the GNX Bushing) done by another guy in town that cost me over 300.00!
So if any of you live here...Len at Performance Transmission on Boulder Highway is your guy....if you can get him to work on your car. He does killer work, but is a bitch to pin down.

Anyhow....what do you guys think? And does anyone out there know of somewhere in Vegas (Not California) that can do the work on my wheels?
TruDesign Wheel in Colorado just finished 2 of my stock GN wheels. They re-chromed and then powdercoate the centers black. VERY VERY nice job and great price too.

You can reach them at

(800) 621-6436
(307) 422-5090
I have seen 240-290 per rim if they are the GNX honeycomb ones....not the regular GN rims.

And I dont want some cheap knockoff honeycomb made by this n that rims....I want the Genuine GM rim...brandy ass new!
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How much per wheel??
Under $200 per wheel. Included putting a new 10" chrome shell on, re-chroming the centers, and powdercoating the black part on the inside of the wheel.