Fake GNX's


Dec 10, 2003
Does anyone know who made the numbered dash plaques for the fake GNX's? I was wondering because I have seen three now, and they are all #101. I bet the real #101 guy would be pissed.
Dennis Kirban was selling blems, seconds, duplicates whatever you want to call them through his newsletter about 10 years ago. If I recall he had every number and than quite a few of them too. He says there is a way of telling them apart from a real one by looking at how the GNX is shaped or fonted. I guess the only way to tell is to have a picture of a good GNX nameplate and compare it.
Did any of the X's have ttops? A customer from T.X. called yesterday & said he had one, but he didn't know which one of the 547 it was??
No GNX's came with T-Tops.....Stock...I'm sure one or two of them had them installed by an aftermarket company....