Fan Troubles


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I'm having a problem where the fan will not come on unless I put the ignition to run and then back off and then to run again. I've checked all the relays, doesn't seem to be the problem. I do have the high relay ran to a ground wire so that the fans run for about 10 minutes after turning the car off. This has been done for a long time, though. I did find on the main fan relay, that if I gorund out the red wire on the back harness of the two, that it turns on correctly. I'm thinking of grounding this wire permanently. Any other thoughts?
I feel like I should go ahead and post back on this. I found the problem, and fixed it. I just htink that my reply might be helpful to someone else that might run into this problem.

I had bought the dual fan setup from RamCharger. I also purchased the Buick harness. Our harness comes with 3 wires, the harness they send you has ports for 3 wires, but only 2 are used, ground and low speed. Since I was using the high speed always on bypass, I moved the wires on the harness they sent me to the highspeed terminal. This caused my fans to not come on when I turned the ignition on, but if I turned the key back, and then forward, the system gorunded the highspeed relay and everyhting worked accordingly. The problem was that when I put the wires to the high speed terminal, it bypassed the ECM from being able to see a low speed feedback. So, the comouter didn't see the fan, so it never turned it on. I made a jumper wire from the highspeed terminal to the low speed terminal on the new harness from RamCharger, and now everything works perfectly.