FAST and alky wiring problem


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May 25, 2001
Need help, not sure which heading to post this.
We have recently put an old Speedpro system on my 86GN. Up and running okay. Want to use the Razor Alky system also. Problem is when I put on an additional MAP sensor(original MAP wiring) the alky system starts pumping when the alky control knob is turned on. This is car off key on.
The 3 BAR map sensor is now being used with the FAST system.
I was sure it was something to do with the Powerlogger and WB LMI. I now have all of that unhooked.
Do others with a FAST and ALKY use a common MAP sensor ?
Any help appreciated
Use only 1 "3bar map" on the car. Tie alky controller to signal(center pin) on map sensor.

A little more tech.. get a DC voltmeter.. signal with a 3bar reads 1.6 Key ON engione not running. If the green wire on my PAC controller has 1.6 it will not spray alcohol.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for your input. I wired the 3 bar MAP center terminal to the center terminal (green) on to original male MAP plug. The alky does not run with the key on as before.
The center wire is going to to the unused MAF harness, gray/red wire also.
Hope to get the car out under boost real soon.

Thank again

I'm actually helping Austin to tune his car. Since, I'm new to actually tuning with alky (and didn't know Austin was trying to hook this back up). Do you have a recommended A:F range you would suggest as a starting/safe target under power?

Feel free to email me directly instead of posting.

On high power apps...I start at 10.3-10.5:1 and work up leaning it out only if the MPH improves. This is on Pump gas, dual nozzle, high boost.

On single nozzle kits, race gas + meth.. 10.8-11.0:1 is where most end up.

Meth has a lower stoich. So target comes down. Most Buicks on C16 will be 11.0-11.2 anyways.

HTH.. and call me if you need me.

That helps. Definitely in the range of my assumptions (makes me feel good).
Thanks for the support info.