FAST cranking question: Fuel and Spark advance


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Ok guys... Need some help (again!).

I'm having a really hard time getting my engine to start when cold or warm. So, I obviously need to adjust something, just not exactly sure what...

The symptom is the motor spins and spins, coughs and tries to start (ie: starts somewhat firing and rpms increase, then will slow down again). I don't smell an abundance of gas, but it's possible it's throwing too much at it.

Can anyone out there give me a ballpark idea of what values they have in their Cranking Fuel vs. Coolant temp tables are? I have a 377ci SBC, so anything close to that would be great. I'm pretty certain that the program I started with (the DOS demo one) has something around 19mS at the coldest point, and slowly works downward from there.

Second question is about timing advance during cranking. Unless I totally missed something, there appears to be no spark table specific to the cranking. So, does the FAST system use the value in the 0 rpm column of the spark table to compute starting spark advance? If so, should I set those fairly low to get the motor started? I think I have 18 degrees in that entire column at the moment... Too much, perhaps?

Thanx for any advice/insight! Once I get this solved, maybe I'll solve my idle problem! ;-)