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Feb 14, 2002
Classic FAST with fast track adapter harness, Wide band O2, 3 bar map, sequential option W/individual cylinder control, comunication cable, and software. Also includes pre-loaded 96# starter program.

$750 + shipping.

After observing other for sale units advertised @ 900+. I believe this to be a very good price.

Please PM or e-mailif interested
Allan G.


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LOL! I just posted a link to this ecu in another thread. Congrat's on the sale
Buyer has not confirmed that he/she wants it.

Still available for anyone whos interested. $750 + shipping. I can ship very reasonable.

Cal - Thanks for the plug.

Allan G.
Just throwing this out there, Allan is a great guy to deal with if anyone wasn't sure about dealing with him.
No worries here