fast guy parts - deliver to ford vs buick; ptc axles locker weld rts


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Jun 26, 2001
let's lock this in - can take deposit or payment via paypal if you wish.

PTC 9.5" NL converter... believe it's a 17 blade stamped wrong, came out of 9 sec car new $600 (i bought this way)

35 spline strange axles for 9" stock width - includes bearings pressed on and 5/8" stud kit $350 (has less than 10 1/8 and 1/4 mile passes on them at 9 sec power)

out of same rear - 9” 35 spline detroit locker... same passes almost new $500; take $50 off if bought with axles.

Weld RTS S71 polished front wheels with 185 75 15 M&H Drag Radials $700 (basically buying wheels and getting tires for free - one tire has a slice in it when i had piece of my fender bent - believe it's completely fine; can come with lug nuts if I find them)

Brand new set of champion GN1's setup for roller cam - 14bolt - $1800; add towers for stock rockers for another $150.
Don't ask for pictures, this stuff is top condition.

Prices are pretty firm but make offer if you wish. is best.
a few


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Where are you located?
What is the size of the front wheel, width, offset?
Can I see pictures of the "slash?"

Thank you.

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in san antonio... will try get pictures later... believe wheels are 15x5... 2.5” backspace.. looks “right” to me... not too skinny and good footprint for stopping . i have a lip on the fender bent down somehow and slashed it...


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