FAST IS AMAZING!!! LT1 w/ Distributorless Ignition


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Got my setup working like a charm! Converted my LT1 to a distributorless ignition system and what a difference. FAST's EDIS box in conjunction with the FAST computer has put my engine in a whole new realm. I cannot say enough about this setup! I will be changing pistons and adding additional stages of nitrous to bring it up to the next level but none of this would have been even remotely possible with the Opti.
I installed a cam sensor in the timing cover, added an MSD crank Trigger, used GM LS1 coils and harness and the FAST computer and EDIS Box.
FAST -- Hats off to you guys on an incredible combination!!!!
Thanks to my building mates at Quest Racing for doing the design and testing on their digitally controlled engine dyno!
If you cannot tell I am psyched guys!

Dean I talked to you last week.I am the guy in Ct. that is putting together the Heads up 94 formula.I take it you got the bugs worked out.How about the 2 step issuie.That is a pretty big deal for me.
Thanks ED Ventura
Dean, remember me? I bought your old LT1... its now living a happy life as my 396! anyway, do you have any more specs/details or pictures about this conversion? what sort of benefits are you seeing? i'm assuming timing accuracy and additional spark energy... others?

Sure do -- Hows things going? I plan on posting some pictures soon and as far as details I will add those also. Benefits are numerous, besides timing accuracy, better spark, a key problem I had was a rotophasing problem when using the retard with the nitrous. With this setup the problems are gone.
Then you have all the obvious benefits, no more optispark, wire routing issues. Just a wire from each coil to the plug, short and simple. The coils are mounted on the valve covers. No more burnt wires, wondering if the Opti is causing me a problem and the list continues. The front of the engine looks so clean no more coil, no more ignition box, no more optispark. Did I already say no optispark :) If you have any specific questions just post and I will help you out.
Damn I love this FAST stuff!

things are going pretty well with my setup... since i'm basically done with the car its time to start looking into new tricks :-)

with your new setup are you sequential? did you have to convert your FAST box from optispark to points/crank trigger?

i'd love to see some pics of the sensor mounting (crank and cam)... was there any special machining needed?

thanks and congratulations!
I will be posting pics as soon as I can - I will add them to my website. I will post when they are up.
Yes there was some machining required but nothing significant you will see it when the pics are posted.
I converted my box to sequential anyway because I needed multiple nitrous stage capability but I didnt need the optispark capability anymore..... Damn did that optispark cause me headaches!!!

Dean I might have the rest of the week off.I would like to see the fast/edist setup in person.When would be a good time
Hey guys how come you can not use the hi-res signal from the opti to drive the e-dist. I would think the opti would last forever without the high voltage running through there. What kind of cam sensor did you use. I am just curious as I plan to go FAST this summer and am looking at the edist as well.
My resolve with the eDist (I have serial #5) was to modify the Optispark by epoxying the hi-res slots, then retaining the lo-res layout. (Instant cam sync/crank trigger setup in the Optispark – My SEFI8LO is a sequential unit). At that stage I removed the rotor and machined a retaining plate. I was working with FotoFab on having a batch of custom Optispark discs machined just for that purpose (they require a min. order however – if they are marketable it may be a pursuable item).

The next phase, due to my concern of the epoxy not having any longevity and the fact it takes quite some time to modify; is that I drilled a distributor hole in my intake for a cam sync stub. At present I’m using a MoTeC cam sync stub with a Hall sync sensor #437, if you download the MoTeC 2001 PDF catalog you’ll see it listed as part #2. (In that section) It clears rather nicely and the modification was straight forward. It’s very similar to MSD’s new cam sync stub in their CPC 7600 system (Unfortunately they won’t have the 7600 setup ready until late next month – and it’s unclear if you can just order the sync stub).

It was the best resolve with my sequential SEFI8LO, quite different than my MoTeC configuration; my MoTeC can interpret both hi/lo res signals direct from the Optispark (MoTeC’s have fully programmable ignition inputs). The MoTeC then is interfaced to an IEX (expander) and eight LS1 coils similar to the eDist configuration on my SEFI8LO.

The difference is I can control rev features and related with the MoTeC as where the SEFI8LO/eDist requires either a DIS-4 setup for a wasted spark configuration or two DIS-4’s for an ideal solution (quite pricey). Fortunately, I’m happy with both solutions; although the SEFI8LO support and programming ease (props for Lance and Craig) is fantastic as usual.

Speaking of these issues, as I recall over the holidays Lance was working on a code change and or interface to allow the SEFI8LO to read both signals; according to Dan White (White Racing). It’s ready to prototype (I offered my ECU as a guinea pig) :) I know Lance has been busy, so I hate flooding his address with requests.