Fastest "stock" ecm car???

Quick Turbo V6

Define stock!
I did the search thing and did not come up with anything. So what is the quickest stock ecm car? I don't care if it is modified for injectors or if it's running the T-Pro. The engine just has to be run off the stock ecm.

I went 9.37@141. Was hoping for an 8 second timeslip but a broken axle held me back:rolleyes: This is with a Stage 2 TT running the T-Pro set-up with Bob Bailey doing the tuning.

Roy Garcia running 9.35 @145mph with a MaxEffort-R from Steve Yanklin with an aluminum headed 109 block in TSM trim.

BTW, He has since switched to an XFI system and I believe this was about 2-3 years ago when he ran these #'s FWIW.