Fatest ET w/36 lb injectors Ford blue tops

Dec 27, 2005
Hey guys.

I recently installed Ford 36 lb blue top injectors on my Syclone.
Just wondering what is the fastest ET for a GN or T-Type running 36 lb injectors? Meth inj is fine ,w/or w/out meth your ET's

I am hoping to run in the 11's w/my stock 2100 stall torque converter.
My engine is 100% stock longblock.
they will handle high 11s very easy.. We used them for years. 11.28@ 121 was the fastest we went with them from what I remember. :cool:
I've helped a friend tune his car with 36lbers. Single alky nozzle feed stock long block with a te-60 he went 11.60 @ 114 with a little more in it. This is done through a turbo tweak speed density setup.
I still have the old school combo of a TE44 and bluetops, mostly a street car.

Best ET 11.9 @ 115 with a 2.0+ 60 foot.

Old combo but works for me :)
Went 12.26 back in 1992 with my first T-Type. TA-49 turbo with 36 lb'ers and a 100,000+ mile suspension for some great sixty foots.:eek::D