Feb 28, Englishtown Test and Tune


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May 25, 2001
Anyone else planning on going? I may have torn up a motor mount doing some of my own testing the other night, but if I can, I/m going to try and make it.
Didn't know they were opening up this soon.

Thanks for the post, can't be there that day, but I gotta check their new schedule out. :)
I'm going to head down, Motor mount was fine, the TC had worked loose. All better now. I don't have a set of drag radials yet so I'll prob just be looking at my MPH. Should be fun. I'll have the 87 GN with Firefighter plates.
Unfortunalty I never made it down do to the fact that I had to cover for somebody at work.
I'll be going on wed night.

Was it crowded?
Wasn't too bad, prob about 1/2 full. lots of rice, I saw a nice looking GN parked, and was talking with another guy who had a real clean black t-type.
I went down on wed night and blew my head gasket!
The eyehook that holds the tie down strap broke, my motor mount let go and pulled the turbo inlet pipe off the maf and well you know what happens next!
I just finished putting it back together last night.
Had a good run going too. It blew at the 1/8 and i still ran a 12.4